Movin’ On Up…

Welcome to my new and improved blog. Well, new address and host, anyway. I decided a couple of months ago that my Mac-ish blog wasn’t the best long-term so I should move it at some point (plus, it seemed to load slowly for some reason). So here we are at Blogspot after many hours of copying, pasting, importing, and formatting (if there is an easy to way transfer a blog from Mac’s iWeb to Blogspot, PLEASE don’t tell me).

Using this host, now I really am the cliche traveling American blogger but at least the URL is easier to remember. Blogspot seems to have a lot of features so we’ll see what comes out of this. Anyway, I hope you keep reading, and if you actually enjoy what you read, forward this to your friends! (It’s time I start doing a little self-promoting.) There’s a nice little button at the bottom of each post which allows for easy forwarding…see this switch is paying off already. And of course, keep posting comments which are always fun to read.

And now for a picture…I bought jeans a week ago (an incredibly scary endeavor, I might add, since jeans seem to be different here. ) Not that they’re worn over the arms or anything, but they certainly are tighter and a different style (they’re still blue). When I was trying them on in the dressing room, there was a credit card ad on the wall. So what was the faux name on the card? John Doe? Shmuel Ben-Tov?

The Israeli Express card…don’t leave home without it.
(With a name like this, don’t leave Israel.)

Thanks to Amalia, a college friend and Tel Aviv resident, for the shopping help. Ok, time to go drink coffee…

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