I am the Joe DiMaggio of TV-Watching

You want a record that will never be broken?


Some people are put on this earth for a reason. Theodore Herzl? To found modern political Zionism. MLK? To lead the American civil rights movement. Me? To watch “24” and eat chumus. If you’re thinking about plowing through a season of this, “Lost”, or one of the other soap opera-type hit shows, here’s a tip: get sick. No better time to stay in bed and stare at the screen. Wow. 2 seasons in under a week. I haven’t felt this accomplished in years; do they give awards for this type of achievement? One more thing-do any other guys ever think about the “dream matchup” of the indestructible action heroes? Like what if they put Jack Bauer vs. Indiana Jones vs. Jon McClane, etc. Who would win? I have to say Jack. Indy is a legend but how effective is a whip against all of CTU’s nifty intelligence tools? These are the things I think about.

And how amazing is the internet? While on the bus to work this week, I listened to a podcast of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption”. Sports fans, how happy am I? Very surreal…Hebrew around me, Wilbon and Kornheiser arguing about the NFC East in my ears. Good stuff.My friend Assaf told me that he accidentally came across the show “Daria” on TV and has been downloading episodes. Wow, that’s strange. An Israeli coming across a short-lived spinoff to “Beavis and Butthead” 10+ years later. Thomas Friedman was right-the world is flat.

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