Who Needs Quarters?

Anyone who knows anything about Israel knows that the world community pays far too much attention to the conflict and not nearly enough to the technology being developed here. There’s been an email going around for years about how the first cell phone was developed here, Instant Messenger, the huge number of companies on the NASDAQ, etc. That email is outdated and is ready to be modernized.


Easy Park, pronounced “Ee-zee pahrk” (another translation which amuses me), is a small meter you buy at the post office. You decide how much money to put on it, hang it on the inside of your window when parking in a metered space, and voila! No change and return trips during your errand required. I was floored when my friend Michal showed me hers the other day. So genius, so simple. How has this not arrived at the States yet?

And from the people who brought you Easy Park (ok, not really)…PAZOMAT!

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