One Day and Counting…

So I’m moving to Israel tomorrow. If I try to write a short explanation why, you’ll still be reading a 30 page dissertation. That said, IN SHORT, every time I return from a visit, it’s never long enough. I know about a jillion people who feel the same way and wish they had the opportunity or had taken the opportunity earlier in their life to spend some more time in Israel. I decided that I don’t want to spend the rest of my life wishing I had spent some part of my life living in the land of chumus and Pesek Zman chocolate bars (”the milk and honey” description seems a little outdated.) I’ve made so many great Israeli friends over the years, I love spending time there, I probably enjoy speaking Hebrew more than anyone on the planet (at least making Israelis laugh by saying stupid things in Hebrew like “Yanti Parazi” (if you don’t know what that is, there’s your first homework assignment…the Israeli readership is shaking their collective heads right now), and what makes me feel Jewish is my connection to Israel. So what does everyone think of this move? Those who haven’t been to Israel not surprisingly think I’m nuts. My close and older friends who have been, and have been often, seem to be for the most part happy, envious, excited, or proud.

So what am I going to be doing? A few days after my arrival, I’ll begin working for Young Judaea Year Course, the 9 month program I did when I graduated high school. I’ll also be doing an Ulpan, the classes that new immigrants take to learn Hebrew. After that? We’ll see. I keep telling people that I’m making no assumptions about how long I’ll be there, no matter how many times I’m asked “is this forever?” Does our generation really think about anything being forever? Having lived in four cities over the last ten years, I certainly don’t.

While there’s a lot more to write, I want to hit “Publish” and get this thing up and running! I have to say, my new Mac really does make this very easy. I hope somebody enjoys reading this and I hope to keep tinkering with the possibilities as I continue learning to harness the power of Apple software.

To close this first entry, a big mazal tov to Joe and Jackie Kammerman who got married this past weekend in LA! Thank G-d I was able to make it after my move date to Israel was changed to three weeks later. The picture above is of me and Joe.

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